Clean Eating and Cooking with Edamame Pasta

I’ve been interested in clean eating, so I picked up a book called Clean Cuisine that I found in the Costco book section.

Now being in the medical profession, I was definitely impressed by Clean Cuisine. The author discusses the benefits of changing our diet with clean eating and how it can significantly reduce inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is usually the root cause of many medical conditions.

Filling the Shopping Cart

Now fast-forward a couple of Costco trips later and my son and I are going up and down the aisles checking off what’s on my shopping list. My cart is quickly filling up and I’m regretting not using a flatbed instead of a regular shopping cart.

As I’m looking for the pasta sauce that’s on my list, I come across this edamame spaghetti by Explore Cuisine.

Right next to it is the black bean spaghetti by the same company.

Which one do I get? I can’t decide.

I get both because I remind myself of Costco’s excellent return policy, and if I don’t like either one, I’ll simply return it. Like the black rice that I had to return not too long ago. I tried to make it twice in my Instant Pot and no success. It was a mushy mess.

I put both black bean spaghetti and edamame spaghetti in my cart and finished my shopping.

Planning the Meal

On my way home I was already planning my delicious meal, although I didn’t have high expectations for either pastas. It just seemed too good to be true. I mean healthy pasta? “Healthy” and “pasta” usually are never even in the same sentence.

My dinner plan was simple. I was going to place a nice piece of salmon (from Costco of course) on top of the pasta and fill the rest of the plate with a nice salad.

It was going to be a dinner plate that Clean Cuisine author Ivy would’ve been proud of. It was going to be so Instagram worthy. I was super excited.

Prepping the Meal

When I got home, I grabbed my salmon and salad and started prepping. I was trying to time my food so that everything would be ready at the same time.

I made my salad and put it aside. Next, the salmon. I seasoned and put it in a preheated oven.

Now for the pièce de résistance.

Loaded with Protein

I grabbed the box of edamame pasta and looked at the cooking time. I also, for the first time since spotting it on the shelf, looked at the nutritional information. Wait! What?! 24G of protein per serving?! OMG! With each serving only being 2oz, we can all feel good about eating pasta.

How is there 24G of protein in a two-ounce serving? My eyes quickly look over to the ingredients.

Only. One. Ingredient. Edamame flour. Wow, impressive! When was the last time you picked up something in a package that had only one ingredient?

Finishing the Meal

Cook time stated 3-5 minutes. It states to remove promptly and run under cold water for al dente pasta. Who doesn’t like al dente? I decided to set my timer for 4 minutes.

By now my salad is made and my timer for my salmon goes off as the pasta is cooking. I asked my husband where the jars of homemade pesto are that he made the other day. He says to me he sold them to his coworkers. Awesome. This is clean eating at its finest.

I quickly grabbed a jar of store-bought pesto that had been sitting in the fridge and checked the date. Still good. I mix it with the pasta over low heat. Just enough to melt the pesto and blend it with the pasta.

I scoop the pasta on the plate. Top it with the salmon. Cover the rest of the plate with salad.

Conclusion on Clean Eating with Edamame Pasta

A healthy, delicious, and guilt-free pasta meal in less than 30 min from start to finish.

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