Start Here: Your Road Map to a Balanced Life

Here is a roadmap on how find balance in your life, how to save money and find more time for you and your family.

Start with yourself – I truly believe without a healthy mindset as a foundation, there is no way to build upon it. Do what works for you. Here are a few things that worked for me.

Wake Up Early




Improve Upon Yourself by Always Learning

Find a Hobby

Create Harmony in a Pleasant Area at Home
For Your Personal Retreat / Escape

Now that we’ve laid the blueprint on how to build your foundation, with a healthier and more improved you, let’s work on saving you money and time.

If you haven’t already, join a wholesale club. My choice is Costco, but I understand that they are not exactly in every city so whatever you have by you will work. Since I have a Costco membership, a lot of my products and reviews will be those that are found at Costco, but the three major clubs (Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s) typically carry all the same items just maybe not necessarily the same brands. I don’t work for Costco, I just like them. A lot!

FYI, you don’t need a membership to purchase many of the items

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